Your 2019 Thanksgiving Playbook {PDF}

November 1, 2019

The 2019 Thanksgiving Playbook is an interactive, easy-to-follow guide for a stress-free holiday.

It’s also a promise to yourself (myself) that you’ll properly prepare for the day- getting as much done in advance as possible.

Tell me if your Thanksgiving has ever gone like this:

  • Although it’s an annual holiday, you forget about it until 2 weeks before
  • You freak out for a second, then assure yourself that you’ll plan grocery shopping, cleaning projects, and meal preparation for the next two weekends
  • The weekend rolls around and you decide to do it all next weekend instead. You take a nap.
  • The week of Thanksgiving arrives and you have a panic attack in the form of obsessive cleaning, aggressive grocery shopping, and Gordon Ramsay-style cooking

I thought it might be nice if we didn’t do that this year.

So I got to work writing down all that a host could possibly prepare for in advance of Thanksgiving day. I asked mothers, fathers, friends, and Google for additional advice and insight.

I collected all of my research, then I organized it into a timeline that starts November 1st.


If you’re starting after November 1st, don’t worry, I’ve also scheduled in plenty of wiggle room.

What’s in the Thanksgiving Playbook?

  • Tips for food prep, shopping, cleaning, and organizing.
  • Lined pages to fill out your guest list, cleaning projects, menu, grocery list, and the all important Thanksgiving Day Timeline
  • Reminders to keep calm, carry on, and take a shower

Add your own notes and personal touches along the way, there’s plenty of room in the margins to make it yours.

Most importantly, remember to enjoy this delicious day with the people you love.

Something tells me this is going to be your best Thanksgiving yet.

The 2019 Thanksgiving Playbook is no longer available. I’d be happy to send you a copy, just shoot me an email at

The 2020 Thanksgiving Playbook will come out on November 1st!

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